How To Grow Your Monthly Recurring Revenue By 76% in 8 Months

Whilst removing the dependency on you in the sales process and driving repeatable, predictable profit - and getting in full control of your business growth.



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Who is this for?

  • Leaders of established data analytics, cyber security or software development companies who are committed to growing their sales revenue.

  • If your existing results and new business numbers are spiky and unpredictable.

  • You’re a business between 1m-20m revenue.

  • If you’re tired of your team moving slower than your vision and want them to focus on activities to drive the business forward.

  • You want a sales machine that will deliver sustainable and predictable growth for years to come.

  • If you're too involved in the sales process or rely on top performers to generate new business.

What to Expect

  • A proven market penetration, lead generation, sales, and scaling strategy that will cope with any amount of growth.

  • A tried and tested process, with an increased close rates and a reduced sales cycle - without existing staff having to put time into research and training, whilst taking senior leaders out of 80% of the sales operation.

  • Hands-off and predictable lead generation equivalent to multiple business development reps - your sales team receives new opportunities on auto-pilot and can do what they do best: sell.

  • Digital support, marketing and sales assets which save time and boost performance and increase scalability.

  • Reduced reliance on your top performers in order to have consistently good months.

  • Identification and recruitment of A Players.

  • Peace of mind. Everything is implemented and tested for you.

  • And finally…

  • Guarantees that reverse any risk on your part and protect your investment.

Name: Liam Patterson

  • Company: Bidnamic

  • Position: CEO

  • Niche: Advanced machine learning

  • Before: 5 employees

  • After: 100+ employees

Name: Richard Cordero

  • Company: Oakland Group

  • Position: MD

  • Niche: Data consultancy

  • Before: 11 employees

  • After: 100+ employees

Name: Tom Stockton

  • Company: Fuzzy Labs

  • Position: Co-founder

  • Niche: Machine learning

  • Before: 2 employees

  • After: 9 employees

Name: Waleed Shihada

  • Company: Fuzzy Labs

  • Position: Co-founder

  • Niche: Data automation

  • Before: 2 employees

  • After: 11 employees


Our Growth Guarantee

As we are so confident in the results our growth partner service will produce, we are offering a 200% ROI guarantee.

This means that if you don't earn AT LEAST 2X your initial investment, well work for free until you do.

Everything You Need To Scale

Instant Pipeline Boost

We'll implement a world class outbound lead generation strategy capable of more than doubling your outbound lead generation strategy in less than 7 weeks.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that prospects aren’t falling through the cracks.

Ongoing Support & Development

All of your team get access to a support channel with feedback for calls and one on one coaching.

Increased Enterprise Value

You'll see an increased valuation as the reliance on senior members of the business is removed from the sales process.

The Right Technology

We'll ensure your team has the right tools to succeed without breaking the bank. Get access to advice, support and discounted enterprise software.

The Right Technology

Digital guides and SOPs for all the management team, so you can implement our processes long after the engagement ends.

Value for Money

Knowing your existing team are working as efficiently as possible, and a leadership team that is enabled to deliver and support your team.

It's Never Been Easy...

You can boost your revenue quickly and sustainably by syncing sales and marketing.

But, it's not a walk in the park.

From our experience with data analytics and software development companies, you might be facing these hurdles:

Uncertain growth. Can you always count on referrals and organic leads for scaling? And hiring seasoned sales or marketing pros with a client base is costly and hit-or-miss.

Sales know-how and expertise often lays with leaders of the business, making it tough for them to step back and for others to emulate their success.

Top salespeople often overlook prospecting, focusing on current clients. Whilst current client retention and growth is key, generation of new business is critical to scaling.

Many sales and marketing professionals are product-centric, not customer-centric. They pitch products, not solutions.

A lot of marketing is about "branding" - over looking sales. Not ideal for companies with sales under $20M annually.

Tried external sales and marketing agencies?

They might:

- Not 'get' the sector.

- Focus narrowly

- Miss the bigger picture

- Prioritise their growth over yours

Businesses need partners who are 100% focused and invested in the outcome. We're unique, partnering with software development and data analytics companies, owning the entire revenue growth journey and taking full responsibility for growing their revenue, end to end.

We create new business opportunities for you.

We convert them into paying clients with you.

We leverage the latest and most appropriate tech, systems, and processes to ensure you're ahead of the competition at all times.

Finally, we help build and empower your team so you never have to rely on 3rd party suppliers to continue growing your business.

This is how we guarantee revenue growth and the long-term success of your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you guarantee results?

We work exclusively with one partner each month. We are highly selective with the clients we work with and only collaborate with companies we KNOW we can deliver 100% of the time, hence our guarantees.

How quickly will I see results?

Within 6 weeks your outbound lead generation volume have increased by at least 300% and will be firing on all cylinders. We expect to see results starting to increase significantly within 8 weeks.

How much of your time do we get?

As much as it takes. We only work with a limited number of clients at any one time, which provides us with capacity to provide all the resource required to hit your goals, from in-house marketers, cold callers and dedicated inbox managers.

What do you need from me?

The majority of the service is done-for-you. However the first 4-6 weeks require time from your team to get 'under the bonnet' of existing processes and your customer offering. Once up and running there will be weekly meetings and on-going live support.

What happens when the engagement ends?

All the systems and processes remain in-house so you can continue to scale after our agreement finishes.

How do I find out more?

Book a free 30 min Growth Planning session. You'll receive insights you can take away that day and also find out exactly what to expect if we decide that it's a good fit. And we’ll share with you details of the exact process that we used to generate close to $2 million in qualified opportunities in 45 days for a client - and that's just for coming along.

Ready to Scale?

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